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Presentation of the ACW (Association of Wavre Businesses)

Presentation of the ACW (Association of Wavre Businesses)


The association in 2000

Bernadette Pierre was a brilliant chairman for 3 years.
Her deputy, Frédéric Vaessen, took over from her between 2002 and 2006, when Jacques Martin threw himself into the challenge.
After three years Marc-André Lambot continued activities in 2009.
One year later, he passed on the torch to Emile Delvaux who extended the team, making the different groups responsible for a specific area of activity.

Those currently in charge are as follows:

Emile Delvaux, Chairman,
Bernadette Pierre, Deputy Chairman,
Joël Stevens, Treasurer,
Secretaries Véronique Van Den Abeele and Clothilde Taymans,
Team responsible for decorations: Catherine André, Damaris Meyer, Jacques Martin,
IT team: Xavier Cession, Thierry Schoon, Olivier Plennevaux,
Street representatives: Zélia Brumagne, Daniel Swysen.


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